About the Brand


KFV, the theme park focusing on traditional tradition, overflowing with stories and imagination in Korean tradition and filled with exciting experiences and artsy taste.

Brand Concept
Gateway to a tour of traditional culture
Core Identity
with excitement, graceful dignity, novelty, and freedom
Brand Essence
the new world of traditional folklore


KFV BI up-down combination and left-right combination

The new brand identity for KFV, which befriends nature and encapsulates our life, takes as its basic motive the grand portal that symbolizes the beginning of a tour of traditional culture and renders the story and imagination of the Korean tradition through the unique local beauty of curves and margins.

bi design architecture
  • The shape of tiled roof that expresses the curvature and magnificence of the Korean tradition.
  • Configured to a person involved in an exciting masked dance, lively spatial expression full of joy and experience.
  • As the open gateway that leads to new traditional culture, it expresses expectation and excitement.
  • Borrowing the traditional cloudscape pattern, it renders the graceful dignity of grand nature, leisurely rest area, and the space that accommodates the passage of time and the seasonal changes.
  • It represents the vision of KFV that creates new value and meaning of traditional culture on the foundation of Korea’s history and tradition.
C0 M17 Y50 K65
R89 G74 B41

Meaning joy, experience, and dynamic beauty

C0 M35 Y100 K10
R230 G149 B0

meaning novelty and expectation

C5 M5 Y100 K38
R150 G147 B2

symbolizing rest and nature

C0 M17 Y50 K65
R89 G74 B41

symbolizing history and tradition


The brand slogan is KFV’s commitment and promise given to customers.
With endless study and effort related to tradition, we continue to create and share new tradition.
In a Joyous Coexistence, Pleasant Traditions, KFV, the theme park focusing on traditional culture.

Happy coexistence with pleasant tradition. Korean Folk Village, Traditional Cultural Theme Park.

BRAND Character

The character of KFV is designed to ensure friendlier and closer communication with customers and children through traditional culture.

The Twelve-Animal-Warrior Guard of KFV

KFV has kept twelve-animal-warrior guard that safeguards people.
At peace time, the warriors live as ordinary villagers, but when the village encounters perils and adversities, they quickly turn into the guard of warriors and protect the people and the village.

  • Rat

    The astute wit.
    Familiar with all parts of the world. A storyteller delivering fun tales to people.

  • Ox

    The man of men.
    who just can’t stand injustice Joseon’s best wrestler who has formidable strength. Action comes before words.

  • Tiger

    The righteous leader.
    With great sense of justice and mission, always leading the pack in handling difficulties.

  • Rabbit

    The attracting cutie.
    Great singer and dancer. Has a heart of gold matching beautiful appearance.

  • Dragon

    The reliable and sturdy big brother.
    The general takes care of followers in the front and in the rear.

  • Snake

    The mysterious prophet.
    Clairvoyant with great prophetic power, preventing misfortune from befalling the village by discriminating lies and truths.

  • Horse

    The guardian of love.
    A preacher of love with arch dignity, who believes that love is the sole truth of the world.

  • Goat

    The chic knitter.
    A walking encyclopedia who likes creating things. Very interested and talented in costume making.

  • Monkey

    The playful takyeon girl.
    A small cute girl, possessor of most powerful martial arts.

  • Rooster

    The wise scholar.
    Boasting the greatest learning and knowledge, already ready to share knowledge with people.

  • Dog

    The frolicsome clown.
    A possessor of happy energy who finds joy in everything.

  • Pig

    The glutton chef.
    Very proud of own food. Ready to go to help whoever is hungry, wherever.