Q.What decides group rate?
A group of minimum 20 persons is eligible for group rate, so when ticketing, let us know.
Q.Can a visitor carry in a lunch box?
Snack and lunch box for a light meal are allowed in, but cooking is not allowed in KFV.
Q.Opening and closing hours?
With an hour or less remaining to the closing hour, group rate applies, and ticketing is available no later than 30 minutes to the closing hour. After the closing hour, all operations of KFV come to an end.
Q.I want to apply for a guide. Is there a procedure?
Listen to the audio material making it easy to understand Korean Folk Village in 4 kinds of language version. (Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese) This allows you to see the traditional houses, exhibitions, events, and so forth in detail. If you submit your own identification card, you can rent it. 2,000 won is required as a rental fee..
Q.What is the difference between an admission and a free pass?
 An admission allows a visitor to enjoy Folk Village and Regular Performances (farm band, tightrope walking, horseback martial arts, traditional wedding ceremony etc). A free pass allows a visitor to further access to attractions in Play Village in addition to the benefits provided by an admission.
Q.What are operating hours?
KFV is open 365 days a year. KFV is open from 09:30 a.m. to 18:00p.m. and we are operating hours are flexible in different seasons. For details please see Visitor Guide.
Q.What discount card and how to get various discount benefits?
KFV partner with BC. Citi, NH Chaeum Card and Hyundai Card. We have other various promotions in progress, So please check the homepage for on events and discounts.